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Living FABulously with Fibromyalgia Merchandise

Living FABulously with Fibromyalgia Merchandise

Do you want to help raise awareness of fibromyalgia? Or perhaps you’re looking for the ideal gift for a friend or family member who has fibromyalgia. Well, look no further because FABulous living has just what you need! My Living FABulously with Fibromyalgia Merchandise collections has something for everyone and a range of budgets. I couldn’t find anything I was happy to buy myself, so FABulous living has designed 2 collections of FABulous fibromyalgia merchandise for those discerning shoppers. Rather than manufacture the goods myself, I sell through my shop on REDBUBBLE, which has a range of different products, including clothing, stationary, wall art and soft furnishings. When you click on the images or links, you’ll be taken to the relevant page on RedBubble, where you can purchase the goods directly.

Every design is my own and unique to FABulous living. All proceeds from merchandise sales goes back into the business to produce new research and educational materials. So, please help me help others to self-manage their health conditions effectively. 10% of all profits goes to More Than Fibro SCIO, my charity partner that supports people with fibromyalgia.

FABulous Fibromyalgia Collections

These are just some examples of the products available in my RedBubble shop. Scroll down the page to see each of the 11 designs in each collection. Click on the photos or links under each colection to be taken directly to all available products in your favourite designs.

FABulous Fibromyalgia Butterfly Collection

The FABulous Fibromyalgia Butterfly Collection has 11 different designs with a different fibromyalgia quote alongside a butterfly. The butterfly symbolises the transformation that fibro sufferers undergo when they self-manage their condition effectively and improve their health and wellbeing.

FABulous Fibromyalgia Tiger Collection

The FABulous Fibromyalgia Tiger Collection has 11 different designs with a different fibromyalgia quote alongside a White Tiger. The white tiger symbolises rarity and the strength, courage, determination, and bravery needed to make and maintain changes to improve their health and wellbeing when they start to live FABulously.

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